Sep 15, 2008

I was lost but now I'm found !!

Well, here's what's been happening. I went to convention and had a great time - swapping, meeting people, stamping and laughing. Had my photo taken with Shelli and she signed my convention book. Brandy and I meet our up,up, up, upline Mary and some of the other girls in our line, we all went to dinner and had a wonderful time getting to know each other. I also got a really nice suprise, one of my scapbook pages was on the display boards. Too cool !!!
Then I got back and got sick, two weeks later and I thought all was well and I got a cold and was out again. now touchwood all is well and I'm finally back up and running.

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katiesniche said...

Look at you and Shelli!!! Great picture, you lucky girl! I'm glad you are feeling better!!